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Anyone can make money with this website. No special previous knowledge is required. An installation or even other complex steps are not necessary. I even do the web hosting for you – of course free of charge.

Why should someone give away his money-making website for free and even pay the cost of web hosting?

Very simply explained. If you make money, I make more money too. While it won’t make sense you to yet, you can make as much money as I do with this website! And I’ll tell you one thing: this is really a lot of money. So if you want to stand out from the „small-timers“ and instead want to play in the big leagues to build up a fortune, you’ve come to the right place!

A gigantic steadily growing flow of money goes through this website.

And yes indeed everyone can make money online with this website. This website functions as an automatic system with a modern responsive eyecatcher design, which leaves a good impression on almost all visitors and thus converts them into residual profit. Everyone, including the many ignorant self-proclaimed „Internet gurus“ will envy you and your website. With the help of this website you will become a „true Internet Guru“ (one who really makes money on the Internet).

In fact, this website can be your ticket to the success and freedom that you’ve been Looking for all your Life!


Residual Income is why 97% of the people are Working for the BOSS and not for them self, what I am  saying    you go to work every day thinking your going to pay your bills and end up working for the right company that will give you raises and you will end up making more money, NEXT MONTH,  NEXT YEAR, SOMETIME?

Sad News, Most people are just making enough to get by, If Something go’s wrong and sooner or later IT WILL, there are only a few choices, get into savings, borrow, get a better paying J.O.B, Start living on less Money?

This is an Opportunity To STOP the bad choices and start on a new life.

All I am saying is, Do Not Just Get A New Job, get into something that “HAS RESIDUAL PAY”

Residual, is money you earn for doing something “ONCE”!

Residual, is money you earn for doing something “ONCE”!



I make a lot of money on the Internet and I live an absolute dream life just because of this money-making website. The business runs on autopilot. I earn money while traveling around the world, while sleeping and while having breakfast. I live in limitless freedom.

I really want to help you achieve the same freedom. You only have to work once and you can earn more and more money throughout your life – fully automated!

Actually all you have to do is promoting this website to earn as much money as I do.

For this purpose you can use 3 of the 5 programs integrated in the profit system and other traffic sources, which I present to you here in the Training Center.

All you need is a handful of motivated referrals in all 5 programs. About 5 to 10 referrals are already sufficient so that you can increase your income independently as soon as possible. This business idea is truly brilliant.

Before I walk you through the Profit System Training, allow me to address a few points.

If you are already familiar with internet marketing, you can simply promote your Profit System website as you like. But even if you are already a professional, you will certainly find a lot of useful tips in the Training Center.

I will introduce you free and paid ways to promote your business. As a rule, you reach your goals faster with investments – after all, that is the point of an investment. Nevertheless, you can also use the Profit System to make money online completely free of charge if you are afraid of investments.

So, are you ready to start making money on the Internet?

If so, let’s get started!

On the left side of this page (or on the top if you’re using a mobile), you actually find everything you need to get started.

You can work through the points in any order or skip some. First of all, you should take care of visitors (traffic) to your website. You won’t make much money without traffic.

Then you should take care of the GDI $25 Learning Bonus and set up SFI.

After you have set everything, the daily work begins, which consists almost entirely of just a few clicks and copy & paste. And that’s exactly how you can get rich.


Donald Foos

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GDI Scam? Only in the Minds of the Mindless!
AUTHOR: ClearVision1 – (United States of America)
SUBMITTED: Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Like the original reporter, I was researching “work-at-home” businesses
to supplement my retirement and came across Global Domains International.
The difference is that I came to a completely different conclusion.

As a retired auditor and father of an attorney (who was immediately consulted)
I must file this rebuttal so that anyone genuinely interested in the GDI
opportunity is not swayed by false information.

First, the term “pyramid” is a legal term for an illegal business scheme.
The term should not be used loosely, because the Triangle Business concept
used by most US corporations
(only the owners and people at the top make the real money)
would be classified as illegal.
It makes me wonder if this person who has such contempt for the corporations
has ever held a job. Talk about suckers! GDI is NOT a pyramid,
because the first legal determinant is NO PRODUCT. GDI HAS a product;
it is exactly what the original reporter says it is NOT.
If the “.ws” domain name is not a product, then neither is the or websites. I question her understanding of the video.

GDI offers a business opportunity that 20 years ago Harvard University tagged
as the future model for businesses of the 21st century — network marketing.
Even the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” now advocates this business model,
and rest assured it is not from the “Poor Dad” side.
It allows people to own their own business (with all the tax advantages)
and the chance to build a team of WILLING participants who also recognize
the opportunity. The young gentleman who is pushing PrePaid Legal doesn’t
seem old enough to remember when his company went through the same “pyramid”
accusations before they became “credible”.
By the way if you’re looking for GDI’s presence on BBB, why wouldn’t someone
look where the company is located — not in your hometown?

Anyone looking at the GDI opportunity should operate on facts —
not some uninformed person’s misconceptions.
Otherwise you’re letting yourself be “Ripped OFF” by falsehoods.
GDI is really set up to “make a killing” but only for those who have the
common sense to recognize it.

Also when checking out the Global Domain International record just to find the facts
there are a lot of people running down the GDI business to promote there own such as

Can’t say the Name/A
that advertises the GDI business in a bad light so you will look at There offer. Unethical

We The People at Global Domain International Only Ask that a fair judgement is made and honesty

be applied when looking at the opportunity.


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